Flight Attendant

Being a flight attendant entails much. We all can attest that ninety percent of people like traveling. Being a flight attendant will grant you this privilege freely. This career is thus full of benefits that many may not still know. Some of the benefits of being a flight attendant include:



1. Free travels: A flight attendant is usually advantaged by the fact that he or she can travel for free using the airline. The airline company can also choose to promote his or her family and friends with free vouchers and travel tickets.

2. Easy: The career of being a flight attendant may be extremely busy but the tasks undertaken are too easy-going when compared to those who work in certain industries like building and construction.

3. Adventurous: This career entails one to fly to many different places or countries. This gives one free tours to one of the world`s famous destinations and is an advantage to someone whose hobby is traveling.

4. Good pay in the long-run: Though the pay or salary for flight attendants may sound very cheap for beginners, those with lots of experience get paid a lot of money for just serving flights.

5. Benefits from airlines: Most airlines offer their staff with the voluminous amount of offers especially during festive seasons. Some may even get paid visits for refreshment. Some airlines may also partner to extend mutual offers to even flight attendants from another airline. This is super cool for flight attendants.

6. Does not require too much of education: Even though some airlines may specify certain educational backgrounds; when compared to other careers, this one has the least education requirements which may be good for those who might not have the chance to join a university or college.

7. Flexible schedules: Most airlines allow flight attendants to serve the flights of their choice or work within their most favorable timelines. Some attendants even complete their “threshold” earlier to have some ample free time later.

8. Golden opportunity for public relations: Serving as a flight attendant will enable one to serve, talk and relate with different people. This will give room one to learn and interact with people from various diversities. Some flight attendants get lucky to find their love during these flights.

9. Ample freedom: A flight attendant is always at ease with least supervision. This is opposed to most careers one is constrained to receive instructions from the boss almost all the times. After a flight some rest is incorporated hence one can enjoy the flights to the fullest.

10. Admirable and interesting: Wearing the suit by the airline, pulling flight baggage across airports is usually admirable. It is also interesting to work with the aviation crew and as well as an added advantage to those who consider traveling as their hobby.

Some of the demerits of being a flight attendant include:



1. Less stay from home: Those who love being always at home may have a limitation. This is because this career involves many flights that in most cases are international flights.

2. Separation from loved ones: For those having love ties between a flight attendant and a non-friend attendant might also be discouraged to meet. Less time may be available to make love in such cases.

3. Lower pay for beginners: This is among the striking dis of being a flight attendant as those with less experience get paid cheaply.

4. Always on the call: A flight attendant is always communicating with different people and departments. One may thus be called upon at any time for a flight or a given airline instruction.

5. Risky during hijacks: During terror ambushes by terrorists flight attendants are on the front redline to receive evils like shooting.

6. More hours of standing: One must be well adapted to always be on the wheels. Flight attendants are always on move to service the crew and flight passengers.

7. Less vacancies: Most airlines are in their fullest capacity of flight attendants. One may thus not be lucky to get a job as soon as possible when starting or during cases of being fired.

8. Extremely busy in some cases: Sometimes especially during festive seasons more flights may be made and the work can be extremely tiring. One must, therefore, be ready for tight schedules.

9. Requires profound skills in public relations: Flight attendants should always be social and quick to relate to anyone. This might not suit some people lacking these skills in public relations.

10. Faces parenting setbacks: Due to the unavailability of free time, taking care of children may be difficult to handle considering the fact that one is always on flight schedules. Sometimes flight attendants may tour in a country too far from home.


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