Pros and Cons of Polygamy


Polygamy is a practice where one has two or more wives or husbands legally married by law at the same time. These was mainly practiced during ancient days as it was considered as a sign of wealth and still exists today. A person who practiced polygamy and had many children was a very respectable person. Some of the advantages of polygamous practices are;



1. Division of work: When a man marries more than one wife, it will become easier for him to perform a certain task with the help of the wives compared to a man with one wife. Also the polygamy family is assured of many children which ensures the family with labor when there is a task to be performed.

2. Security: In a family practicing polygamy marriage, the family is considered big enough to protect themselves from any kind of danger or attack. Even for the kids while playing out in the fields cannot be attacked by other kids as they are protected by the many brothers they have.

3. Sign of wealth: Inn old days marrying many wives and siring many kids was considered as a sign of wealth. A person with many wives was considered rich and the family was respected. They were assured of many bride price the family will get from the many girls the family will get when they are married off.

4. It is full of entertainment and fun: A huge family comprises of people with different hobbies. You can find some part of family comprising members who are comedians, some dancers and even some good in singing. This could be very entertaining when the family comes together just to have talks and entertainment.

5. Breaks the monotony of having one wife: Some people may become very tired of having one wife. This could be as a result of daily conflicts. Practicing polygamy will reduce these conflicts as you are not always with one partner and therefore can reduce the chances of divorce.

6. Easier in decision making: In a polygamous family there are a lot of members who are able to view things in different ways. This can help when you want to solve a certain issue as you have option to make decision from the many opinions.

7. You will be able to acquire multiple knowledge: In a large family the wives may be having different skills and knowledge of some certain things thus you are able to learn many different things from them.

8. One will feel the power of companionship: When you have a big family you will feel good just for that companionship. Many people prefer to live in groups than living in their own.

9. Encourages hard work: Every married partner will not want to be viewed as lazy. Also one will have to put more effort to get enough to provide for the large family.

10. Female are assured of getting husbands: In current situation, the number of female is very big compared to female and therefore a man marrying one wife may make a lady not getting a husband hence polygamy might be of help.



These are some of the disadvantages of polygamous practices;

1. Leads to poverty: A person practicing polygamy may fail to cater for all the basics required to sustain the big family due to small salaries and hence may lead to poverty among the family. This might also be as a results of laziness as others might not perform their daily routines as required as they feel they are being used.

2. Leads to overpopulation: Practicing polygamy might lead to high population as one family might sire a lot of children which even the family might fail to take care of. This may retard economic development as little money is invested as more is used to cater for daily expense of the family.

3. Outbreak of diseases: In a polygamous family, when one of the partners is infected by a certain disease such as sexually transmitted diseases for example HIV/AIDs, the diseases might be spread to all other partners of the family.

4. Unemployment: A person practicing polygamous family might fail to educate all his children therefore missing out the basic knowledge. The children might fail to get employed due to lack of skills required in company therefore missing being employed.

5. Increase in over dependency ratio: In a polygamy family, there might be a high dependency ratio as the bread winner of the family might fail to get all the finances to cater for the big family therefore depending on family members, friends or government support

6. Dispute among inheritance: In a family practicing polygamy, there might be a lot of quarrels and conflicts when it comes to inheritance as everyone will want to get equal share which might be the case, especially if you don’t have a lot of wealth.

7. There is a lot of secrets: There is a lot of secrets in a polygamous families as some partners might be jealous when you do something to only one partner and fail to do for the other. To reduce these many things are done in secrets.

8. Public judgment: The partners may live in fear or exposed to the public as they are afraid of the judgment by the public. They will live in fear of interacting with other people as they might feel the shame of being embarrassed by the public.

9. One does not fully enjoy the protection of the partner: When one as more than one wife, he may not be able to have full time to stay with his partners as he will have to divide time in order to be with other partners. The partners therefore thus feel the full fun of being with the husband.

10. Creates gender imbalance: When for example one man marries more than two wives, it may lead to gender imbalance as the number of females who can settle to form family greatly reduce compared to number of males in the society.

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