Censorship refers to the government controlling any type of idea of information and withholding it from the public it has been used and is being used all over the world for various reasons. Many believe and think that censorship is what is best for the good of the country while others think that it is a gross violation of our first amendments rights with the advent of internet and technology Censorship as taken it to level a notch higher nowadays it not only imposed and practiced on print, speech, and televisions but also in cyberspace.



1. It exists not to curtail the freedom of the people but to protect them .it is said that censorship regulation, especially on the internet, can keep the people particularly the children from the exposure to phonography materials and racial discrimination.

2. It can minimize risk in national security. One of the uses of censorship is to keep certain sectors or people if not all from gaining access to information that can put the security of the nation out in the open.

3. It prevents the airing of too much violence which can pollute the minds of the individuals. Proponents are pushing for censorship because it limits the exposure of people and children to violent and vulgar television shows which they believe can have an impact on the minds of individuals.

4. It can help parents in the rearing of their children despite of their busy schedules. Parents are not always there to monitor what their children are watching and the website they are visiting when they are online by limiting the channels parents are assured that their children are accessing the right sites.

5. It prevents certain groups from religious sectors and people from getting offended. Advocates of censorship argue that without it people behind television shows, newspapers and products will be irresponsible and bold in the use of expletive words scenes and tactics to get what they want

6. Helps to prevent conflict .the amount of conflicts that the country is under can be greatly reduced Censoring hate helps to promote peace.

7. Security measures for the country sensitive military and government information can be removed from view. This is good because potential terrorists and those who want to do harm in the country cannot access them.

8. Prevents plagiarism. Plagiarism and pirating of content is a serious issue in the world today largely due to the internet by censoring you can prevent plagiarism.

9. False advertisement can be stopped. Companies that make extreme claims for their product in order to entice people to buy them can be stopped with censorship.

10. Helps to control panic and fear. When political, environment, world or economic disasters occur the government can help to stop the spread of rumors and lies.



1. Promote negative agendas. The politicians and government officials who would surely be in charge of censorship measures could grossly misuse them to promote things that would be negative for the country.

2. Violates the rights of the Citizen.one of the biggest surrounding Censorship is that the people are entitled to free speech and the ability to express their views and concerns.

3. Used to inflict certain morals. Everyone thinks differently and has a different way of living their life.

4. Slows down innovation. Many things have been advanced by the use of collaboration and funding if censorship would truly happen than ideas that would possibly save energy and resources could be stopped before they have a chance to begin.

5. Companies would control. Many think that the government would completely control the censorship of the information in the country but they fail to realize that the companies have a place in the government.

6. It clearly is pro-dictatorship. Critics of Censorship argue that it is a platform dictators can use to wreak havoc and fear on people especially in the time of civil unrest.

7. It overtly deprives the public of information related to political and social issues. Some say that it can be used by the powerful and influential people to hide vital information from the members of the society.

8. There are loopholes in the enforcement of censorship which makes it ineffective. Despite numerous bills and laws against cybercrimes, illegal information can still bleak on cyberspace

9. Keeps people from progress and development. If people are prevented to experience the power of the internet or what it as to offer there will be less room for improvement.

10. Promote negative ideas. If the information can be manipulated, you never know what is truly accurate or happening in the world.


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