Weed is one of the commonly used illegal drugs. It is made of dried leaves and flowering parts of the Cannabis plant. The dried leaves are often referred to as marijuana and they can be eaten, smoked and vaped. The effects of smoking weed depend on personal and environmental factors.



1. Increase appetite: It can be used to boost appetite especially if you’re experiencing appetite loss caused by cancer or HIV/AIDS condition. Taking the substance can boost your appetite.

2. Relieve nausea and vomiting: Pharmaceutical cannabis can be used to reduce nausea and vomiting induced by chemotherapy treatment used in treating cancer cells.

3. Treat inflammatory bowel disease: THC and cannabinoid chemicals in the cannabis drug play a role in the gut function and immune response. This can help people with inflammatory bowel disease.

4. Active: Smoking or eating weed makes you feel active and makes your brain to overthink. Research shows that most people when high, their thoughts tend to be very deep and profound.

5. Focused: When your high, your mind is hyper-focused on the task at hand, if you’re doing a creating project, then it will be more beneficial to you.

6. No hangovers: Weed smokers do not experience any symptoms of hangover or headache in the morning. No violent behaviors are recorded for weed smokers as compared to alcohol drinkers who may be involved in violent behaviors.

7. Neuroprotective properties: Cannabis has some neuroprotective properties which show less brain damage compared to alcohol consumption. The cell protective properties ensure there is less damage to white blood cells.

8. Reduce seizures: If you experience uncontrolled disturbances in your brain or having mood changes and behavior, you can take the weed to help feel relaxed, reduce your behavior changes.

9. Relieve chronic pain: Cannabis drug has medicinal benefits and it is used in the treatment of chronic pain and glaucoma. It can also relieve spasticity of the muscles, a condition associated with paralysis or multiple sclerosis.

10. Kill cancer cells: Moderate taking of the weed is believed to kill cancer cells. Medicinal cannabis can treat certain types of cancer.



1. Addiction: You can become addicted to the weed such that you can’t function well without it.

2. Health risks: It can make you wheeze and out bad breath or cough uncomfortably. If you have the asthmatic condition, it makes it worse.

3. Depression: Addiction to the weed may make someone feel depressed when they haven’t taken their daily quantity.
One can also experience withdrawal symptoms associated with the drug,

4. Increase heart risk: Taking the weed can increase your heart rate and affect your blood pressure. If you have heart disease, you should avoid smoking cannabis.

Memory impairment: It alters the way your brain processes information by blocking memory formation. It can cause cognitive impairment in adulthood.

6. Hallucination: Taking too much weed can make you see or hear things which are not there.

7. Aggressive: Weed smoking
can make someone very anxious, aggressive and even panicky.

8. Effects on pregnant women: If you smoke weed when pregnant, it may cause complication to the unborn child and also make the baby be born smaller than expected.

9. Reproduction effects: Taking too much weed can reduce sperm count in men and suppress ovulation in women affecting their ability to have children.

10. Cause distraction: If you’re high on weed and driving, you can get distracted and cause an accident since your brain is thinking about more than one thing at the same time and you will not concentrate more on driving.


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