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Muscle building requires a lot of effort, dedication, and patient. It is not an easy task and people who want to have fast result in unhealthy behaviors of using anabolic steroids. Body builders use steroids to increase protein within their skeletal muscle cells.

The steroids used increases testosterone hormone in both man and women and can affect the entire body functions. The effects can be different for each individual and before taking a huge risk, consider the following pros and cons of taking the supplement.



1. Improve athletic performance: Athletes use steroids to give them an edge during competition. It boosts their energy and increases their performance.

2. Improve muscle mass: Weightlifters and bodybuilders use steroids to improve their physical appearance. The drug increase proteins in the muscle cells leading to increased muscle mass.

3. Increase oxygen supply: It increases oxygen supply in muscle cells and increases blood circulation in the heart and brain.

4. Increase bone density: Temporary use of steroids can improve bone density and help in treating osteoporosis condition.

5. Contribute to weight loss: Combining steroids with the right diet and exercise will enable you to get lean muscle as well reduce cholesterol levels in the body. It makes you get extraordinary results by contributing to your weight loss journey.

6. Increase strength: It makes you feel like a superman giving you enough strength to lift heavy things.

7. Treat inflammatory conditions: Steroids can be used to reduce inflammatory chemicals and minimize tissue damage. It can treat inflammation of blood vessels, arthritis, and gout if taken in the correct prescribed dosage.

8. Treat kidney issues: Using steroids in small quantities can help prevent swelling of the kidney and prevent muscular dystrophy condition.

9. Recovery from injuries: Small quantities can speed up injury recovery.



1. Damage liver function: Too much use of the drug can result in organ damage. Steroids taken orally increases the risk of liver cancer and premature deaths.

2. Affect hormonal balance: Steroids can lead to both physical and emotional problems which may be as a result of changes in the hormonal balance. It can increase mood swings and aggressive behaviors.

3. High blood pressure: Abuse of the drug may lead to high blood pressure and this may increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.
The low level of high-density lipoprotein causes fatty substances to be deposited in the arteries and prevent blood flow. Preventing flow of blood from reaching the heart and brain can cause heart attack and stroke.

4. Spread diseases: Steroids taken via injections can increase the risk of infectious diseases. Sharing of needles increases risk of blood-borne diseases like HIV or hepatitis.

5. Damaged veins: Injections of anabolic steroids into the muscles can damage your veins and this can result in serious health complications.

6. Increases infertility: It can reduce sperm count in men, make the testicles shrink, painful erection, and impotence. Chemical reactions in the body can increase estrogen hormone resulting in the enlarged breast in men.

7. Linear growth: Hormones present in the drug interfere with bone development and growth. It prevents individuals from achieving the natural height.

8. Irritation: Steroids leads to increased irritability and aggressiveness to those who abuse the drugs.

9. Facial hair: Women who take steroids have increased facial hair and can develop a deep voice which is caused by the masculinizing effects of testosterone hormone. It can also result in loss of scalp hair.

10. Risk of cancer: People who take the supplements are at high risk of cancer and other heart diseases.


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