medical marijuana

Marijuana and medical marijuana are basically one and the same thing. Medical marijuana is marijuana that has been selected for use by doctors for medicinal purposes. Medical marijuana has some pros and cons as we are about to find out.



1. Weed soothes tremors for people with Parkinson’s disease: Medical marijuana ha also been applied to people who suffer from various diseases such as Parkinson’s disease.

2. Marijuana helps veterans suffering from PTSD: Marijuana has also been prescribed for people who are suffering from PTSD, especially the people who have been to war.

3. Cannabis protects the brain after a stroke: For many patients who have suffered fro stroke, marijuana can also be prescribed to help their brains or protect their brains from further stroke.

4. It might protect the brain from concussions and trauma: In some cases, doctors have found that marijuana can also protect the brain from concussions and trauma especially for athletes.

5. It can help eliminate nightmares: While there is no definitive evidence for this, some doctors believe that marijuana can also help protect the patient from nightmares.

6. Weed reduces some of the awful pain and nausea from chemo, and stimulates appetite: For patients suffering from cancer, marijuana may also come in handy in reducing the pain and getting rid of the trauma.

7. Cannabis can help people trying to cut back on drinking: For alcoholics, it is easy for them to quit drinking if they use marijuana although this is basically replacing one drug for the other.

8. Cannabinoids activate brain cells’ growth: Some doctors believe that marijuana has the capacity to stimulate the growth of brain cells.

9. It may help at schizophrenia: Cannabis can also have a positive effect on patients suffering from mental health.

10. Experience with epilepsy. It not only prevents for epileptic seizures. It also reduces the aura of upcoming seizures and the cause of epileptic seizures.



1. It is addictive: Like all other drugs, marijuana is addictive and it can cause further problems in future.

2. Second hand smoke could be a problem: In some cases, people who stick around marijuana smokers may suffer greater health risks than those who are actually smoking.

3. Decreased mental health: While marijuana may help prevent mental health in some cases, it may also help create mental health in others. It depends on the user.

4. Lungs are at risk: For those who smoke marijuana, the smoke has a lasting effect on their lungs and it may sometimes cause lung cancer. In other cases, marijuana smoke may also cause throat cancer.

5. It alters your perception: There is always the risk of suffering from severe mental instability if one is engage din marijuana consumption for a long time. People start imagining things that do not exist in real life.

6. It is a getaway drug: Marijuana is a getaway drug in very many cases. Once doctors have introduced a patient to marijuana, it may be a downhill spiral into several other drugs in the life of this patient.

7. It can be used by kids: Medical marijuana can also be used by kids which makes it very dangerous. Children should not be exposed to this kind of treatment at all. This is because once a child has been introduced to marijuana at this early age, they may find it difficult to let go in adulthood.

8. It is not regulated: Medical marijuana is not regulated in some jurisdictions. This causes a huge problem in societies where marijuana has become a menace. Regulations are important in ensuring medical marijuana does not find its way into places they shouldn’t.

9. It leads to death: In some very severe cases, medical marijuana may lead to death especially if the patient is overdosed. The overdose is usually as a result of increased exposure to this drug.

10. It may lead to family problems: There is always the social aspect of marijuana. Marijuana may lead to social problems that start with breaking up families and extends to the entire society.


  1. My grandma was recently diagnosed with cancer and is being treated with chemo. It’s so interesting that medical marijuana has been known to be helpful for those being treated with chemo because it helps to stimulate the appetite and reduces the pain.


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