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D-Bal is a natural steroid supplement for muscle building and performance. Bodybuilders, athletes and weightlifters use the supplement to boost strength, and muscle mass. Look at the following pros and cons to understand functions of D-Bal.



1. Increased strength and endurance: D-Bal makes you feel more energetic and focused for improved weight training and bodybuilding. You will not get tired easily during the workouts.

2. Nitrogen retention: It helps prevent muscle waste by increasing nitrogen retention and build muscles. The more nitrogen in the body, the more muscles created.

3. Safety: Dianabol was withdrawn from the market due to side effects like acne, erection problems, and mood swings. It was replaced with D-Bal which is an anabolic alternative with no known side effects.

4. Quick results: D-Bal supplement is effective for muscle building and you can see positive results within a month of use.

5. Award-winning supplement: The steroid has recognized world recognition as the best supplement with superiority over other muscle building supplements.

6. Unique ingredients: D-Bal supplements consist of powerful formulas and safe ingredients like Whey protein, Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine among other products which are important for bodybuilding.

7. Slow down carbohydrate catabolism: D-Bal slows down the breakdown of carbohydrates resulting in a buildup of proteins inside the muscles. It leads to increased muscles gains and strength.

8. Protein synthesis: Protein is one of the unique ingredients in the D-Bal supplement and it is essential for muscle building. More proteins result in increased muscle mass.

9. Improved blood flow: Taking D-Bal tablets increases blood flow during the exercises.

10. 100% legal: The drug consists of natural ingredients and is used as a legal alternative to the banned Dianabol anabolic steroid.



1. Available at official website: D-Bal is a legal anabolic supplement which can only be purchased from the Crazy Bulk’s official website. The product is bought online and can be shipped to over 100+ countries.

2. DHEA quantity: The supplement has a high dosage of DHEA which may affect individuals with blood pressure.

3. Cost: The supplement is premium priced and it can be unaffordable for some bodybuilders or weight trainers.

4. Constant workout: To get better results with D-Bal, you need to work out consistently as well as maintain a proper nutrition. Your hard work contributes to your muscle gains thus the tablet is not a magic pill.

5. Not suitable for beginners: You need to spend at least six months of consistent training to achieve calorie surplus and eating healthy dieting before introducing D-Bal to your body. After attaining the initial body training fundamentals, adding D-Bal will help you progress.

6Destroy morale: It requires a long and laboring process to build gains and this can affect your morale if the gains expected don’t show up.

7No optimal results: D-Bal alone can’t give you optimal results, you need to have a consistent training program and follow a specific healthy diet to achieve the desired results. This required dedication of time, effort and money.

8. Negative balance: Overtraining, chronic stress and lack of proteins leads to muscle loss. If your body is having a negative nitrogen balance due to the lack of proteins or amino acids, it will force the body to use the valuable resource stored in muscle cells. This results in negative muscle balance.

9. Feel hornier: The Tribulus Terrestris component in the product makes you feel extra horny and more random boners.

10. Liver condition: If you have a liver condition, it’s advisable not to take this Dianabol alternative.


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