Pros and Cons of Having Door less Shower on your Home

shower on your Home

With increase in housing units, many countries have experienced sudden changes in their design. Houses or any building comes installed with a shower. A shower is a very basic necessity that must never be omitted during construction of any shelter. Over the few past years we have witnessed construction of showers which are doorless. Doorless showers are also known as walk-in showers. This is a design which is becoming more founded and is continuously receiving massive support by many people. If well designed, a door less shower has its countless benefits. These include:


Pros ;

1. Ease of access: Door less showers give its user the opportunity to just walk in without needing to struggle to open a door. Doors sometimes require being locked and searching for the keys to the door of your bathroom. People with disabilities are also free to use them without physical restrictions.

2. Proper ventilation: With a door less shower, there are ample amounts of air circulating freely. Some doors may prevent free flow of air which if deficient the person may even feel more tired. This ensures that the person taking a shower is at ease, enjoys the shower and also is in a relieving experience.

3. Easy to implements a luxurious feel: With high technologies and designs in real estate construction and houses as well, a well styled up and cozy doorless shower will deliver great opulence to its owner. The person taking the shower may sometimes like the bathroom to the extent that he or she does not feel like exiting the shower.

4. Easier to clean: Having a door may sometime prevent access to some dirty spots during cleaning. Due to the spacious shower rooms available in doorless showers, it`s more easier to clean the shower as there are nor hindrances.

5. Less costs: Some requirements like the door and its parts as well as curtains may be eliminated and are not a must in a doorless shower. This might reduce the overall costs of building the shower. It would also be costly to replace doors and locks that may fail to work as expected.

6. Least stink: With proper ventilation, easy and proper cleaning doorless showers rarely stink. All dirty spots of the shower are easy to identify in doorless showers than in one fitted with doors. This is a good advantage as compared to the door fitted shower counterparts which are prone to smell if not well maintained.

7. Fewer breaks and repairs: Since there are few moving bathroom components; it means that few parts will wear out or break. This eliminates the many repairs done probably at the end of about two or more months to replace broken shower items.

8. Least falls: Due to the wet and sometimes slippery environments in a bathroom, struggling to open the door when getting into the shower or when one intends to exit may accidentally lead to the person falling. This would results to chaotic injuries that are rarely experienced with doorless showers.

9. Enables construction of partial walls to separate showers: A big room can be subdivided into smaller doorless showers using a partial wall. The wall can be complemented with tiles and glass to exhibit a sleek and lustrous look.

10. Looks spacious: Doorless showers impose an impression of more space to the owner. Lesser walls for a doorless shower may be constructed in such a way that a big room is partitioned using decorative materials like glass. Door components which are absent lead to this phenomenon. Dooless showers are also faced by limitations like:


Cons ;

1. Reduced privacy: A person taking a shower in a doorless shower might be set back by the fact that little is done to stop someone from outside seeing through the bathroom. Measures like installation of curtains must therefore be put to limit people from observing a person while taking a shower for those passing near these kinds of showers, to safeguard their personal secrecy.

2. Less secure: Those living in countries or states with crime reputation and insecurity issues may find it hard to have such showers. This is because if the shower is situated in an open place with least security, anyone with ill intentions can access it.

3. Colder showers: These kinds of showers may turn very cold especially in places with windy weather conditions or during cold winters. This may force the owner to install warming equipment to curb this.

4. Poor designs can lead to water overflow: In case the design is not considerate about how and where to direct excess water, the water may flow to other places near the bathroom which can be messy.

5. Constrains a person to shower at its corners: With such showers the person taking the shower is less unlikely to use the entrance side which is very open in fear of being watched while naked by people who may be passing nearby.

6. May require half a wall to prevent water overflow: Building such a wall may require added costs during initial construction of the shower.

7. Requires Non-slippery floor: During construction the tiles and materials chosen must eliminate the state of slipperiness for secure bathing to its users.

8. High changeover costs: When one intends to redesign his or her old shower design for example: one that has a door fitted to the doorless one, it may be very expensive. It would require experts in design who may charge extra fees to rebuild the new doorless shower.

9. Requires a well fitted floor with proper draining system: Failure to take care of the draining system may lead to water flooding.

10. May require a very competent designer and experts: For one to fully enjoy its benefits a qualified expert must be sought for example an expert in décor.

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