cons of laptops

Pros and cons of laptops

Laptops came in as personal computers that would replace the rigid desktops. They were meant to make life easier for the person on the move where you could use your computer...
Apple Pay

Pros and Cons of Apple Pay

Apple pay was launched as a payment service for all iOS devices and it allows shoppers to pay for goods and services using their smartphones. Instead of carrying out the credit...
cons of assistive technology

Pros and cons of assistive technology

Assistive technology is the technology that is used by the people living with disabilities to achieve the same results with technology as the people without disabilities. Assistive technology has played a...
Google G Suite

Pros and Cons of Google G Suite

Image source: digital Google G suite is one of the best app used by businesses to increase the productivity of the team. It's the best email software in the market and...
Apple Watch

Pros and Cons of the Apple Watch

Apple watch is one of the classy smartwatches you can use to track your health, catch notifications before their delivered to your phone and track any other activity. If you're looking...

Pros and Cons of E-Readers

E-readers are devices used to display digital books, newspapers, and magazines. They are smaller in size and sometimes are compared to tablets or iPad. E-readers offer other functions like Internet connectivity...
G Sync

Pros and Cons of G Sync

Image source: G-sync is a high-tech hardware tool used to increase the performance of gaming laptops and computer monitors by manipulating the display panel vertical blanking interval (VBI). It directly controls...
Plasma TV

Pros and Cons of Plasma TV

Plasma TVs were the first high definitions televisions in the market and they are still popular. As technology keeps on changing, more advanced LCD TVs have been introduced although they have...

Pros and Cons of G-Pen

Image source: G-Pen is a convenient, portable and economically wax vaporizer pen in the market. Although advanced vaping devices are already in the market, G Pen is one of the high-quality...

Pros and Cons of Jailbreaking

Image source: Jailbreaking is a process used to bypass all the restrictions imposed by Apple to prevent malware and spyware viruses from infecting iOS device. Most Apple devices only allow you to...

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