Pros and Cons of Unilateralism

Unilateralism is a one-sided action. It is a process in which a nation can take unilateral actions without a look at the opinions of other nations. Policies which are independent of consultation...
Trade Liberalization

Pros and Cons of Trade Liberalization

Image source: investopedia.com Trade liberalization is the reduction of restriction or barriers to the exchange of goods between nations. It focuses on reducing tariff obstacles such as exercise duty and other licensing...
Raising Minimum Wage

Pros and Cons of Raising Minimum Wage

Image source: timeequipment.com A minimum wage is the lowest wage companies can pay workers. The federal minimum wage was raised to $7.25 per hour since 2009. Some states and cities have a...
Refugees in Canada

Pros and Cons of Refugees in Canada

Image source: huffingtonpost.ca Over 25000 Syrian refugees that came to Canada where settled in within months. The government supported some of them while the private groups and individuals supported others. The refugee...

Pros and Cons of RESP

Image source: blog.credential.com The Canadian government encourages parents to save for the child's future education through the Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP). Registered members to RESP make contributions that build up tax-free...

Pros and Cons of TFSA

Image source: shajani.ca Tax-Free saving Account (TFSA) is an all-purpose way to invest and can be used to save for any financial goal. TFSA is available to Canadian citizens aged 18 and...

Pros and Cons of RRSP

Image source: blog.credential.com Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) is a retirement investment vehicle in Canada. It is essential for investors with less money to spare and has a few risks involved. This...
Proportional Representation

Pros and Cons of Proportional Representation

Image source: youtube.com Proportional representation (PR) is an electoral system that looks at the interests of all citizens in an electorate or voting district. A political party that wins votes in a...

Pros and Cons of Peacekeeping

Image source: britannica.com Peacekeeping was established during the cold war as a way of resolving conflicts between states. United Nations (UN) stationed several military intervention operations to prevent future wars, genocides, and...

Pros and Cons of Demonetization

Image source: indiatribune.com Demonetization involves changing the current currency status by replacing it with a new note or coin. This reduces the circulation of the money. Conversion of Rs.500 to Rs.1000 leads...

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