Petroleum energy

Pros and Cons of Petroleum energy

Image source: Petroleum is a non-renewable source of energy made from hydrocarbon and Sulphur elements. It involves the extraction, refining, and transportation of liquid oil known as crude oil. Petroleum is...

Pros and Cons of Hydropower

Image source: Hydropower uses water to generate energy. Water flowing downhill from a higher level to a lower level is converted into kinetic energy forming a renewable source of power. Hydropower...
Natural Gas

Pros and Cons of Natural Gas

Natural gas is a fossil fuel used to generate electricity and heat. It is a non-renewable energy source formed when the decomposition of plants and animal matter are exposed to extreme...
Solar energy

Pros and Cons of Solar energy

With growing need to reduce carbon emission, many individuals are turning to alternative sources of energy replacing the traditional fossil fuel. Solar energy is the energy generated from the sun's radiation....
Biomass energy

Pros and Cons of Biomass energy

Biomass is energy derived from plants and animals organic matter. Decomposed trees, leaves, crops and animal waste are a great source of biomass fuel. Plants convert energy from the sun into...
Hydroelectric Energy

Pros and Cons of Hydroelectric Energy

Hydroelectric energy is one of the oldest renewable sources of energy generated through hydroelectric power technology. The hydropower plant produces environmentally friendly and clean energy as compared to fossil fuels. Almost...

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