Pros and cons of statistics

Statistics are basically a single measure of some attribute of a sample. It is used by several people and organizations to make inferences and predict a certain aspect of a phenomenon....
Cons of Visual Learning

Pros and Cons of Visual Learning

Visual learning can be defined as the process of learning using visual aids such as vides, pictures, diagrams and so on. This mode of learning is slowly gaining traction as a...
cons of scholarships

Pros and cons of scholarships

Scholarships the world over have played a vital role in educating the children coming from a poor background and have realized many dreams in the process. There are a lot of...
cons of free college

Pros and cons of free college

College has often been used as a measure of educational success especially among school going children. For this reason, many children consider it a privilege to study all the way to...
K-8 Schools

Pros and Cons of K-8 Schools

Image source: The K-8 configuration school allows the student to engage in age-based activities, provide a sense of continuity and a way to create a family environment through well-known students. K-8...
Pros and Cons of Using Technology in Education System

Pros and Cons of Using Technology in Education System

Technology has become part of our daily lives. It is being applied in the education sector to effectively increase teacher-student learning. It will be both beneficial and also problematic for students...
cons of planning

Pros and cons of planning

Planning is a fundamental part of everyday life. It is not only important to plan but it is essential to ensure that everything that is planned goes according to plan. But...
Pros and cons of secondary research

Pros and cons of secondary research

Secondary research involves collecting, documenting and presenting data that is already available in stored format rather than collecting the raw data from primary sources. Secondary research is mainly preferred in circumstances...
cons of co education

Pros and cons of co education

Co-education is an arrangement where both boys and girls are undergo learning under the same roof. This means that both genders go through the education system on the same classroom and...

Pros and Cons of BTech

Image source: B Tech, also known as bachelor of Technology, is a degree program that centres on the technical aspect of a course at the university. The requirements for this type...

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