cons of databases

Pros and cons of databases

A database is a computer application that interacts with end users, other computer applications and software to capture, store and analyze data. The data captured is well organized in a manner...
F. Lux

Pros and Cons of F. Lux

Image source: F. lux is a program designed to filter blue light on screens of Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android devices. Reducing the blue light on your screen a few hours...

Pros and Cons of Java

Java is one of the most popular technology in use today. It is a general-purpose programming which uses object-oriented paradigm to create programs that can run in any platform. You can use...
C Programming Language

Pros and Cons of C Programming Language

Image source: C programming is a procedural language compiled to provide a low-level memory access and ensure programs runs first and efficiently. The program is built with portability in mind thus,...

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