Pros and Cons of Java

Java is one of the most popular technology in use today. It is a general-purpose programming which uses object-oriented paradigm to create programs that can run in any platform. You can use...

Pros and Cons of H.264

Image source: H.264 also known as MPEG-4 AVC is a video compression codec which allows content to be delivered over the web. It uses a more advanced technology to analyze both...

Pros and Cons of Chromebook

Just like other laptops which run Windows and Mac operating system, Chromebook runs Google chrome OS. The Chrome OS gives access to a variety of online applications and content. Although the Chromebook...
F. Lux

Pros and Cons of F. Lux

Image source: F. lux is a program designed to filter blue light on screens of Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android devices. Reducing the blue light on your screen a few hours...

Pros and Cons of M.2 SSD

Image source: M2 is a multi-purpose connector used for storage purposes. It replaces mini-PCIe and small mSATA slots and its connectivity integrates well with the migration of SSD drive. M.2 provides...

Pros and Cons of M-Files

Image source: If you're planning on implementing digital transformation initiatives in your company, then you should consider the use of m-files. M-file is a document management software that can easily integrate...
C Programming Language

Pros and Cons of C Programming Language

Image source: C programming is a procedural language compiled to provide a low-level memory access and ensure programs runs first and efficiently. The program is built with portability in mind thus,...
M-Rated Games

Pros and Cons of M-Rated Games

Image source: The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rates video games based on the content and their suitability. M-rated (mature) games are controversial video games with intense violent, blood and gore,...

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